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Supercozi is a Japanese Electronic music producer / DJ / artist.
She began traveling world-wide from an original launching pad of Tokyo , experimenting with sound along the way, forging a prolific career.

Being inspired by 90’s ‘ Summer of Love ‘ Rave culture movement in Japan , and Burning Man 1999 she attended, her trail wildly expanded during her UK time between 2000-2002, then followed by full 15 years of ‘ Island Life ‘ in Bali where she built her own studio with jungle view and founded her own label Hypo=espresso Records to focus on the production. Her tireless stride for the new discovery now taking her to a current residence of Nice / South France where she is playing regular club events and festivals along the Euro dance trail.

She has collected a steady following of fans through the years, playing at the festivals and parties from Mexico to Moscow, while releasing over 100 tracks under the various name including Electronic unit Zen Lemonade, teaming up with various well-known labels.
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Supercozi third album ' Bioshifter '
EP ' Burning Man 1999 feat.Ariel Electron ' Cover

Most recently becoming an acquisition by another legendary Japanese label ‘ Matsuri Digital ‘, Cozi’s intuitive pulse connects to music diverse in styles, and their fusions … Which she can weld the powerful dance grooves and smooth chill out essence from the depths of diverse influences, the inspirations from other artists of any kind, nature, travel, life. Nailing and fusing genres from Ambient Techno, Psychedelic-Trance to Electronica, Ambient, Psychill, Psy-Dub, Glitch, Nu-Acid Jazz, and Sound design ( Listen to the original tunes & Mixes ).

Juggling being a mum of two while committing with so many projects including ; Festival circuit, Techno club & Party trail, Writing, Producing, plus designing Bespoke compilations for resorts and spas and fashion brands under her own production company Taiga Sound, Launched Techno collective ‘ SHIFTER ‘ with brothers-like DJs in Bali .. Life certainly had not just been a long lazy day on the lounge for her, but the endless attempts to carve out the arts from the diverse occasions.

This website gives you an opportunity to experience her complete archives, not only music but also her writing, arts, life style inspirations ..

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