Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Bali ‘ Uluwatu Experience ‘

BULGARI Resorts & Hotels Bali ~ Uluwatu Experience ~ 2009
Zen Lemonade
Dream of Satpam
Zen LemonadeDream of Satpam
Zen Lemonade
Zen LemonadeChilldome-Refugees
Paam 9
Bon Voyage
Paam 9Bon Voyage
Monkey and Parasols
SupercoziMonkey and Parasols
Zen Lemonade
Sun Chaser
Zen Lemonade Sun Chaser
Paam 9
Don't let your love
Paam 9Don't let your love
• Compilation title:
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Bali ~ Uluwatu Experience
• Genre:
Asian Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient
• Label: Taiga Sound
• Released: 2008
• Format: Limited edition CDs
• Track list:
01 : Dream of Satpan / Zen Lemonade feat. Gusti Santika
02 :  Chilldome Refugees / System7 vs Zen Lemonade
03 : Bon Voyage / Paam9
04 :  Monky abd Parasols / Supercozi
05 :  Horizon, Horizon / Paam9
06 :  Sun Chaser / Zen Lemonade
07 :  Don’t Let Your Love Be Wallpaper / Paam9
08 :  Calabar Moon / Supercozi
09 :  Red Sun Dub / Gus Till
10 :  Uluwatu / Gus Till
Track 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 Written & Produced by Gus Till & Cozi Yukimi Yonezawa
Track 4, 8, 11 Written & Produced by Cozi Yukimi Yonezawa
Track 9, 10 Written & Produced by Gus Till
Track 2 Written & Produced by Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Gus Till, Supercozi
Directed by Robert Lagerwey, Radu Cernia
All tracks final mixed and mastered by Tim Velkenburg
All tracks are licensed from Taiga Sound

Bulgari Resorts Bali is a 5 star resort hotel that Italian jewelry brand BVLGARI opened in 2006 September in Bali / Indonessia.
Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this cliff-top resort offers elegant tranquility and calm ambience.

Supercozi had been a music directer and a resident DJ since the opening until 2010 for 4 years, selected and designed signature sound for the resort.

Her bespoke production with Gus Till, Taiga Sound produced the first brand CD for this stunning resort.

1,000 limited edition CD has special fabric cover, and contain 10 Asian chillout / Jazzy downtempo / ambient tunes by Taiga Sound in-house producers.
CDs were only sold in the resort, and had been sold out.

Bulgari Resort Bali