• NEW : Live stream trailer / 2020 May 23

    Letter from Supercozi : ( Français / 日本語 ↓ ) Greetings from Nice Cote d’Azur ! How’s everybody doing ? In France, Lockdown got eased so we are slowly back into the normal days .. I spent more than 2 month lockdown quite creatively, and the highlight was my first time ever live streaming Chillout DJ …

  • MIX LINK of Fault Radio Show .. Thank you for tuned-in ! / 2020 May 07

    ( 日本語 / Français↓) THANK YOU !!! for all who tuned in & supported Supercozi ‘ First-ever’ streaming Chillout DJ set on Fault Radio !! Response was amazing so we extended 30 min more which made us feel so honored & connected.We got more than 4.5K view in less than 48 hours .. Wow wow …

  • 1 Hour Live video streaming on Fault Radio U.S.A

    San Francisco based Fault Radio will broadcast Supercozi 1 hour CHILLOUT DJ mix live video streaming from her home in South France ON THIS Sunday May 3th – Monday 4th ( Time is depend on your location ) .. Tune in from their Facebook page or website & Chill with her. Please leave your comment …

  • Supercozi-Cote-dAzur-CHILLOUT-MIX4

    Cote d’Azur CHILLOUT MIX#4 / 2020 April 22

    Letter from Supercozi : Greetings from Nice Cote d’Azur / South France, 45th day of lockedin. I just up loaded Vol.4 of my ‘ Cote d’Azur CHILLOUT MIX ‘ series on my MIXcloud page …Stay-in, Stay-sane, Tune-in .. In France, we have 20 days more until got out the quarantine. It felt so long of …

  • Cote d’Azur CHILLOUT MIX#3 / 2020 April 12

    Letter From Supercozi : Stay-in, Stay-sane, Tune-in .. Greetings from Nice Cote d’Azur, South France, 35th day of lockedin. Vol.3 of my Cote d’Azur CHILLOUT MIX series. Enjoy while working in home or cooking, or just relax … Salutations de Nice Côte d’Azur, Sud de la France, 35e jour d’enfermement. Vol.3 de ma série Cote …

  • NEW : EP ‘ Vincent ‘ & Video is now online / 2020 April 5th

      Vincent by Supercozi (Français / 日本語 ⬇︎) ‘ Vincent ‘ is the first release in 2020 from a Japanese artist Supercozi. She had been working on the tune since 2019 December, then completed the production on 2020 3rd April, 26th day of self-isolation in Nice Cote d’Azur, South France during world wide Corona virus …

  • Video section launched / 2020 April 1st

    Click here or photo to fly to video section : For those who spending a lot of time in house just like us, we’ve just made a new section with video archives. You can enjoy : Studio-diary, official music clips, teaser, footage from festivals & parties .. There isn’t much contents yet but we will …

  • Cote d’Azur CHILLOUT MIX#2 / 2020 March 26

    Letter From Supercozi : STAY-IN, STAY SAFE, TUNE-IN : Greetings from Nice France, 19th day of locked-in. I decided to keep posting chill out mixes in coming weeks to transform all my negative emotions and worries into something positive.. I dedicate this mix for my beautiful 2 children and family who are far away from …

  • Thank you Space Mountain ! / 2019 Oct 23

    Letter From Supercozi : ( 日本語は下 ) I just got back from 3 night 4 days gathering ‘ Space Mountain Festival – International Cosmic Arts Lab ‘ in Andalusia / Spain that was held between Oct 11th-14th. Organizer was Youth, a bassist of Killing Joke, a founder of UK Psy-Trance pioneer label Dragonfly Records ( …

  • Space Mountain Festival 2019-high Res poster

    Space Mountain Festival – International Cosmic Arts Lab / 2019 Oct 11-14

    Supercozi will deliver a Freestyle DJ set at Space Mountain Festival ~ International Cosmic Arts Lab that will be held in Andalusia / Spain between 2019 Oct 11-14th. Festival is organized by ‘ Youth ‘ Martin Glover, A bassist of Killing Joke, A founder of UK Psy-Trance pioneer label Dragon Fly Records and it’s chill …

  • Burning Man 1999 by Supercozi - Post 685x685

    New EP ‘ Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron ‘ Out now / 2019 July 08

    Label : Matsuri Digital Chill ( Japan ) , Released : 2019-07-27 ( Digital Only ) Track list : 01 – Burning Man 1999  feat. Ariel Electron 7:21 02 – Burning Man 1999  feat. Ariel Electron ( Jossie Telch Remix ) 7:26 03-  Timothy Leary Ride A Comet 5:37 Mastering by Samy CPU Cover art …

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    Wellcome to new / 2019 May 10

    Letter from Supercozi : Hello everyone, This is Cozi. Greetings from Nice Cote d’Azur, South France ! I am extremely happy to announce today about the launch of my new website which is an archive library of my diverse work from music, writing to photography and more. I also attempted to create my kind of …

  • Matsuri-Digital-logo-600x600

    Supercozi joined Matsuri Digital Chill / 2019 Jan 08

    Supercozi just joined to Matsuri Digital Chill – A Chill department of a Tokyo based well known independent record label Matsuri Records – that founded by a globally respected DJ / producer Tsuyoshi Suzuki in London in early 90’s. Label has a long list of iconic releases and events / festivals producing history in last …