D.I.V.E  feat. Reason

Supercozi EP ' D.I.V.E feat.Reason ' / 2013
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EP Title : D.I.V.E  feat.Reason
Artist name: Supercozi feat. Reason
Genre: Psy-Chill, Bassmusic, Psy-Glitch
Label :
Hypo=espresso Records ( Bali / Japan )
Released : 2013-04-24
Format : Digital
Track list :
01. D.I.V.E  feat. MC Reason
02. Prometheus
Reason a.k.a Andreas Smith

Release note :

Japanese producer Supercozi delivers her first chill out EP for 2013.
Title track ‘D.I.V.E’ is leftfield smoky down-tempo with a hint of Dubstep and Glitch-Hop. She produced this track under the deep influence of the images and experience of the Total Eclipse of the Sun, while attending the Eclipse Festival 2012 in Australia. Featured vocalist is Reason ( a.k.a Andreas One/ U.S.A ), a collaborator with her on 2 tracks from her last album ‘ Fruits From the Future ‘, adding raga roots flavor to the track.

Coupling track ‘Prometheus’ is glitchy broken beats with ambient synth-layers and a lyrical and psychedelic texture, featuring her vocoder vocals. She produced the tune after she was inspired by the same title science fiction film by Ridley Scott.

Mastering by Ian Ion
Cover art by Andrew Till