Chillpresso 2 ~ Dari Bali ~

Chillpresso 2
Compiration Title :
Chillpresso 2 ~ Dari Bali ~
Genre : Downtempo, Chillout
Label : Hypo=espresso Records ( Bali / Japan )
Released: 2010-10-06
Format: CD / Digital
Track list :
01: Dream of Satpam / Zen Lemonade feat. Gusti Santika
02: Sky Passage / Paam9
03: Sang The palm ( Wave Mix ) / Supercozi feat. Reason
04: Birds Are Dancing / Zen Lemonade
05: Karma Voyage / Supercozi feat.Lex Empress
06: Bluelines/ Gus Till
07: Don’t Let Your Love Be Wallpaper / Paam9
08: Wine & Sofa / Supercozi
09: Tree Of Souls / Zen Lemonade feat.Michele Adamson
10: Zoomacca ( Lemongrass Mix ) / Supercozi
11: Light Rain / Gus Till feat.Chika Asamoto
Track 1,2,4,7,9 Written & Produced by Gus Till & Supercozi
Track 3,5,8 10 Written & Produced by Supercozi
Track 6, 11 Written & Produced by Gus Till
Track 1 Lyrics by Gusti Santika
Track 3 additional lyrics by Reason
track 9 additional lyrics by Michele Adamson
Final Mix & Mastering by Tim Valkenburg
Cover Photo: Agus Pande
Cover Model: Ayu
Cover & Booklet Design: Kirsty Ludbrook ( Toomany Boys )

Release note :

Following the success of the ‘ Chillpresso 1 ~ Dari Bali ~ ‘ , Supercozi’s own Hypo=espresso Records delivers the second title of it’s popular ‘Chillpresso’ series.

11 brand new chill-out tracks from the Hypo producers, featuring guest vocalists such as Bali’s very own Gusti Santika and Marlyn, dutch house diva Lex Empress (also featured on the Chillpresso 1 opening track ” Waltz On The Dusk Sand “) , Ibiza-based trance diva Michele Adamson, hailing from San Fran, new- comer MC Reason and also Bali based Japanese jazz saxophonist Chika Asamoto and a host of local talent .

The album’s journey starts with Zen Lemonade’s ” Dream Of Satpam “, featuring guest vocal Gusti Santika’s traditional Balinese singing style. Gusti is a professional temple/ceremony singer and songwriter who also doubles working as a Satpam ( night guard) bringing us a unique ” Balinese Blues ” which gently shimmers over Gus and Cozi’s modern music production .

Compiler Supercozi produced 3 tracks for the compi . feature her signature electronic hybrid of jazz , trip-hop and layered synth sounds ..also mixed up with MC Reason’s raga influenced vocals, sitars and acoustic guitars.

Maestro Gus Till also delivers 2 of his signature chill out tracks – Chunky psy-funk grooves and gamelan flavored ambient layered with Asamoto’s floating sax impressions.

New unit Paam9 adds 2 fine lounge-style grooves featuring local jazz queen Marlyn, There’s also a full-on asian vibe on several tracks with sitar, gamelan, indonesian flutes and more .

Exotic atmospheres stretch to the other side of the globe with the Zen Lemonade’s track 9- celtic-vibe drenched ‘Tree Of Souls’ featuring the psychedelic diva Michele Adamson .

The album maintains it’s seamless flow throughout and sports a luxurious cover featuring special printing technics such as polly / silver layer and UV spot and also includes a gorgeous 12 page booklet with plenty of beautiful Bali pictures.