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  • Matsuri-Digital-logo-600x600

    Supercozi joined Matsuri Digital Chill / 2019 Jan 08

    Supercozi just joined to Matsuri Digital Chill – A Chill department of a Tokyo based well known independent record label Matsuri Records – that founded by a globally respected DJ / producer Tsuyoshi Suzuki in London in early 90’s. Label has a long list of iconic releases and events / festivals producing history in last …

  • Supercozi SF story ' A Diary of the geisha borg agent ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent #2 ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    Lately I have been exercising ‘ power spot hopping ‘ around the planet and the galaxy at speed of light. 1999 was an ultra hit-year as my energy meter went up to maximum level numerous times, in all sort of places. This is the special report from Burning man 1999. For more realistic reappearance, I …

  • Equinox-1998

    90’s ‘ Summer of Love ‘ in Japan

    Counter Culture movement in 90’s Japan Supercozi started DJ career in Tokyo underground scene around the end of 1997 as DJ Cozi. In the beginning, She played only Techno with vinyls. Then a revolution occupied. One of her traveler friend / American expats who lives in Japan for years taught her about ‘ Incredible gathering …