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  • Supercozi in Space Mountain Festival 2019

    NEW POST : Thank you Space Mountain ! / 2019 Oct 23

    ( 日本語は下 ) I just got back from 3 night 4 days gathering ‘ Space Mountain Festival – International Cosmic Arts Lab ‘ in Andalusia / Spain that was held between Oct 11th-14th. Organizer was Youth, a bassist of Killing Joke, a founder of UK Psy-Trance pioneer label Dragonfly Records ( My band Zen Lemonade‘s …

  • Australian Eclipse 2012 with Hideyo

    Festivals #1 / 2000 ~ 2016

    ~ Planet Dance ~ Festivals had been a very important part of my life for many, many years. For me, It was the way of life. And still it is. It’s the place where you can reunite with your tribe from all over the world - from young to old, new & family-like. It’s the [...] More
  • Equinox-1998

    90’s ‘ Summer of Love ‘ in Japan

    Counter Culture movement in 90’s Japan Supercozi started DJ career in Tokyo underground scene around the end of 1997 as DJ Cozi. In the beginning, She played only Techno with vinyls. Then a revolution occupied – She experienced her first outdoor rave party – Psychedelic Trance Festival ‘ Equinox ‘ in Gifu prefecture in 1998 …