(Remixes by Misled Convoy)

Translations ( Remixes by Misled Convoy )
Compiration Title :Transition
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Downtempo
Label : Misled Convoy (UK)
Released : 2016
Format : Digital
Featured Track :
Do You Know Where You’re Going feat. Reason ( Misled Convoy Remix ) / Supercozi

Misled Convoy is a solo project by Michael Hodgson, A behalf of New Zealand’s dub institution Pitchblack.

Misled ConvoyOver the years he had been working on number of remixes and collaborations with many electronic artists.
‘ Translation ‘ is a compilation of these remix works.

He did a remix of  ‘ Do you know where you’re going feat. Reason ‘ for Supercozi’s 2010 released second album ‘ Fruits From the Future ‘ which is a superb drone ambient – Reason’s Raga rooted vocal flowing in the layer of deep synth pulse oceans, perfect for late night chill hours.

He played in Ozora Festival 2019 / Dome with his eclectic tunes for open minded crowd. More works to be announced soon.

Ozora 2019 Dome
Ozora 2019 - Dome Timetable