Sun Drenched

Supercozi EP ' Sun Drenched '
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Mini Album Title : Sun Drenched
Artist: Supercozi
Genre: Downtempo, Psy-chill
Label : Kundalini Records( UK )
Released :2016-04-11
Format : Digital
Track list :
01. Sun Drenched
02. Freak Jam Toast
03. Sky Me Away (Supercozi Psy-Glitch Remix)
04. Barefoot High5 : Sky Me Away

Release info :

Filled with sun tripped out bass and Psy-glitch tribal groove and positive force, Mini album ‘ Sun Drenched ‘ is truly an achievement for Japanese producer / DJ Supercozi ( a.k.a Cozi Till ), whom also known as a behalf of Zen Lemonade, Psychedelic & Progressive, Tech-Trance duo with Gus Till.

Kundalini Records UK and Cozi had a long musical affair for spanning out for 14 years. When Zen Lemonade’s now Goa-Trance classic debut album ‘ Lemon Soul ‘ was came out from legendary Dragonfly Records in 2002 spring, Kundalini was the first party organizer in EU to give them an opportunity to deliver album launch live set, and remind as a royal supporter ever since, even after Zen Lemonade moved their base to ‘ island of gods ‘ Bali from UK. Beside of Zen Lemonade, Cozi continually invested her passion and love for free style electronic music into her solo work. She released 3 solo albums between 2005 -2015, blending Techno, Psy-Dub, Psy-Glitch, Ambient, Dubtronica, Eclecric down beats and Glitch-pop into her musical exploration, and release by release, she had successfully building up the royal fan base around the world.

Cozi returned to Kundalini party in 2005 Oct, after the release of her first solo album and delivered an impressive live set just before Dr. Alex Patterson ( The Orb ) took the Sun Drenched Tribal Groove stage to deliver his album album preview show. For Cozi, whom had being a long years fan of The Orb, this experience installed a massive impact and inspiration in her and she began started work on the basic idea of ‘ Sun Drenched ‘ immediately after she came back into her jungle surrounded tiny studio in Bali.

Tune was then left in the oven for 10 years, with Cozi occasionally gave it some experimental renovation.
And finally production was completed during her intensive 5 weeks studio work to creating a show for Warp Stage Radio – A popular internet Radio station running by Kundalini crew in London which broad casted on 29th Nov 2015.


Cozi composed / produced 4 brand new tunes for her show. And all of them are now featured into this EP.
Beside of a powerful title track ‘ Sun Drenched ‘, Her kind of tribal grooves pushing the psychedelic horizon with Psy-glitch funk ‘ Freak Jam Toast ‘, Heavy weight Psy-glitch ‘ Sky Me away ( Supecozi Psy-Glitch Remix )’ , and floor stirrer ‘ Barefoot High ‘, plus 4/4 kick tech-house version of ‘ Sky Me Away ( Original )’, total 5 tunes in a nice package to deliver an early spring well come grooves.

All songs written, produced, mixed by Supercozi @ Super cocoon / Bali 2015
Wizard Publishers Japan
Super Cocoon Bali