Luxury Addict

Supercozi 1st album ' Luxury addict ' 2005
• Album Title: Luxury Addict
• Artist: Supercozi
• Genre: Electroclash, Lounge Techno, Dubtronica, Ambient
• Label: Hypo=espresso Records (Bali/Japan)
• Released:  2005
• Format: CD / Digital
• Track list:
01: Tokyo Exotica  02:54
02: In My Handbag  06:10
03: Luxury Addict  05:49
04: Amber Cats  04:17
05: Bonnie & Clyde 2005 ( Gus Till Remix)  04:57
06: Vanilla  04:51
07: Junk Boots  05:24
08: Lost In Seminyak  03:31
09: Blue Flamingo  04:38
10: Bamboobient  03:36
All tracks were written & Produced by Supercozi ( Honey Bunny studio / Bali )
Final Mix by Gus Till
Mastering by Simon Polinski
Cover photo by Agus Pande

Luxury Addict is the first album Supercozi created using this artist name, under the strong influence of Electroclash.

Electroclash is a genre of music that fuses 1980s electro, new wave and synth-pop with 1990s techno, retro-style electropop and electronic dance music. It emerged in the later 1990s and is often thought of as reaching its peak circa 2002/2003. by Wikipedia

The genre were also categorized as Synthcore; retro-electro; tech-pop; nouveau-disco; new new wave.

Intention of the album was, Since her musical background is  ‘ Once a Punk & New Wave band musician turned into a Psychedelic-Electronica artist ‘, She experimented to combine these two completely different genres into one album which she later referred to as ‘ A stillborn Frankenstein ‘.

The album contain 10 songs that she written / programing / produced in Bali where she has set her base since 2002, ranged from Twisted lounge techno to dubtronica, trip mond ambient with a spoonful retro flavor and psychedelic spice & apanese kitschness.

This is also first release from Hypo=espresso Records , her own record label that she founded in Bali in the same year .