Electro Mad Skippers Vol.1

Electro Mad Skippers Vol.1
Comp Title : Electro Mad Skippers Vol.1
Genre: Electroclash
Label : Mad Skippers ( Japan )
Released : 2005
Format : CD
Featured Track :
Yammy Mummy / Cocopa
Mad Skippers is an indie label that founded by Tsuyoshi Suzuki, A world known Japanese Psy-Trance DJ and Supercozi’s old friend. Alongside with his establsihed label Matsuri-Records, Suzuki started different division to release Electroclash style music.
Electroclash is a genre of music that fuses 1980s electro, new wave and synth-pop with 1990s techno, retro-style electropop and electronic dance music. It emerged in the later 1990s and is often thought of as reaching its peak circa 2002/2003( by Wikipedia ).
The genre were also categorized as Synthcore; retro-electro; tech-pop; nouveau-disco; new new wave.