BIASA ~ Deep Inside The Bamboo Forest

BIASA - Deep inside the bamboo forest
• Album Title:
Biasa ~ deep Inside The Bamboo Forest
• Artist: Gus Till & Supercozi
• Genre: Ambient, Asian chillout
• Label: Biasa (Bali / Indonesia)
• Released:  2015
• Format: Digital
• Track list:
01.  Secret Garden / Supercozi
02.  Basangkasa / Gus Till
03.  Sayan Moon / Supercozi  feat. Chika Asamoto
04.  Tinsel / Gus Till
05.  Jupiter Cocoon / Supercozi
06.  Palace of Shadow / Gus Till
07.  Green Drops / Supercozi & Hideyo Blackmoon
• Mastering by Gregg Hermetech

Release note :

“Deep Inside The Bamboo Forest”  is a concept album created for BIASA ,  Bali based iconic resort-fashion brand.

Brand was founded by Supercozi’s close friend of many years, Italian designer Susanna Perini ( Her voice is featured on the opening tune ‘ Secret Garden’  ) in 1994. BIASA  also runs a modern art gallery in Seminyak / Bali where Perini tirelessly promote and support Indonessian contemporary artists with exhibitions as a patron.

Biasa Founder Susanna Perini
Biasa Founder Susanna Perini

Supercozi directed the album concept, and she composed 3 new tunes.  One of them ‘ Sayan Moon ‘ is featuring a Japanese sax player Chika Asamoto who also used be a Ubud / Bali resident, also added an amibent tune ‘ Greem Drops ‘ that she collaborated with her sister-like best friend / Ibiza based Japanese female music producer Hideyo Blackmoon.
Beside of these 4 tunes, Gus Till composed 3 tunes, and mixed album in his studio in Bali.

Album was only digitally released on Soundcloud for BIASA 2015 Spring / Summer collection.

From BIASA release note:

Album embodies a unique sense of sensuality and style, captured on this album featuring seven fine tracks of explorative organic soundscapes & electronic grooves with a subtle Asian essence.

Biasa official Instagram :

Biasa-20years-anniversary-photo-by- Davy Linggar