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  • Supercozi SF story ' A Diary of the geisha borg agent ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent #2 ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    Lately I have been exercising ‘ power spot hopping ‘ around the planet and the galaxy at speed of light. 1999 was an ultra hit-year as my energy meter went up to maximum level numerous times, in all sort of places. This is the special report from Burning man 1999. For more realistic reappearance, I …

  • Burning Man 1999

    Cozi went to Burning Man in 1999 September as a member of ‘ Zavtone ‘ magazine camp with many friends from all over the world including Hideyo Blackmoon, Ariel Electron ( X-Dream ), Tsuyoshi Suzuki ( Matsuri-Records ), Jun ( Organix ). Camp was formed by 40 people or so, and there were 2 massive …