Music For A Rainy Season
(Limited CDs / Bali only )

• Album Title:
Music For A Rainy Season
• Artist: Gus Till & Supercozi
• Genre: Ambient, Asian Chillout
• Label:
Hypo=espresso Records (Bali/Japan)
• Released: 2014
• Format: Limited Edition CD (Available only in Bali)
• Track list:
01. Walk On The Water
02. Music For A Rainy Season
03. The Moon Pool
04. Kodama
05. Afternoon Lemongrass Tea
06. Color Of Eternal
07. Santosha
08. Komorebi
09. Cranes In The Wind
10. Secret Path
11. Rain Prana

Ambient album by Zen Lemonade duo – Gus Till & Supercozi.

Carefully crafted tranquil journey with ambient tunes that deeply reflecting lush green Bali’s healing energy and island’s magic to open one’s inner calmness.

All tracks Written & Produced by Gus Till and Supercozi @ Honey Bunny Studio & Super Cocoon / Bali.

2,000 limited edition CDs with luxurious UV spots cover were only distributed in Bali’s Resorts, Spas, Organic Restaurants, Yoga studios and became sold out quickly.

Album was digitally released by Section Records ( UK ), an independent chill out label that founded by Nick Brennan a.k.a Tripswitch in 2015, and reached to No.4 on i-tune store Electronic music chart in Netherlands in 2018 March.

CD cover photography : Gusde Toke
Model : Allison Mulroy
Costume : Viktria Paras
Cover Design :  kirsty Ludbrook
Music For A Rainy Season CD
Music-For-A-Rainy-Season-CD inner