Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron

EP ' Burning Man 1999 feat.Ariel Electron ' Cover
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EP Title :
Burning Man 1999  feat. Ariel Electron
Genre: Downtempo, Psy-chill
Artist: Supercozi
Label : Matsuri Digital Chill ( Japan )
Released : 2019 – 07 – 25
Format : Digital
Track list :
01. Burning Man 1999  feat. Ariel Electron
02. Burning Man 1999  feat. Ariel Electron ( Jossie Telch Remix )
03. Timothy Leary Ride A Comet


Mastering by Samy CPU
Cover art by Makoto Metacosmo

Official Release note :

Matsuri Digital Chill proudly present  the very first EP from a Japanese producer Supercozi – ‘ Burning Man 1999 feat.Ariel Electron.

Title track ”Burning Man 1999” is a mid tempo psychedelic groove with a hint of acid Techno.  Ariel Electron’s glitchy and glamorous voice adding a punch to the tune, layered synth melody gives an emotional yet cinematic soundscape.
“Burning Man 1999” is indeed designed to match to the dusty downtempo dance floor under the blazing sun.

This EP is coupling with 2 more tunes, including a superb psy-chill Remix of title track by Jossie Telch – A rising Psy-Tech producer from Mexico. Jossie explored new frontier by this remix, result became slow and trippy dub-techno with old-school psy-chill touch, organic and psychedelic track has created.

Last tune ’ Timothy Leary Ride A Comet ‘ is a super driving psychedelic jazz breaks with cut-up voice of Dr.Timothy Leary – A controversial psychologist and influencer for the ‘ Summer of love ‘ global hippie movement in 60’s-70’s. Bulgarian acid jazz producer Martin Denev played dazzlingly funky electronic piano parts, and layered synth sound and subtle acid hints drives you up to the cosmical orbit for sure.

Title track ‘ Burning Man 1999 ‘ is her homage to the 10 days long unforgettable experience she shared with cosmic traveler friends including Tsuyoshi, Ariel, Hideyo Blackmoon, Nick Taylor etc in Burning man Festival ( Nevada desert / U.S.A ) 1999.
You can read full story here :

After the fes, she wrote a short comical SF story to ZAVTONE Techno magazine.
Read ‘ A Diary of the Geisha=Borg agent #2 ~ Borg goes to Burning Man ‘ :


Here, feedbacks from Producers / DJs …

Real cool music, 3 individual tracks that make sense in an EP – i love the funky Acid vibes and cool vocals of the one and only Ariel Electron in “BM1999” & the superb remix of Jossie Teich, “Timothy Leary Rides A Comet” with its jazzy vibes rounds up that trip smoothly, big up!

( Gabriel Le Mar / Saafi Brothers / Germany )

That’s a really good, classy EP. The jazzy track is lush, the remix is very well done but the original title track is my fave. Super atmospheric low-slung acid groove. I can taste that playa dust! … All of them are trippy, sophisticated & super catchy… well done!

( Nick Taylor – Prana / Australia )

Track 1 -Divine vocals, hypnotic acidic open air groove pushing the downtempo envelope to new heights. Track 2- Detailed tech twists and an expanded stereo field extend the auditory delightfulness of the original track into a majestic sweet spot of audio symmetry gorgeousness. Track 3 – Trippy acid jazz intertwined with downtempo groovy chords and baselines. The perfect morning coffee soundtrack.

( Arash Atman – Electronic Soundscapes / UK )


2019年よりレーベルアーティストとして加入したSupercoziによるMatsuri Digital Chill初シングルBurning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electronがついにリリース!

タイトル曲となる「Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron」は、アシッド・テクノの要素を注入したミッドテンポのサイケデリック・グルーヴ。サイケデリックトランスのパイオニアであるX-Dreamにゲストボーカルとして参加しているアリエルのグリッチーかつグラマラスな声が曲によりパンチを効かせ、重ね合わせたシンセのメロディーがエモーショナルで映画的な音世界を醸し出している。まさに照りつける太陽の下での埃にまみれたダウンテンポ・ダンスフロアにぴったりハマる曲と言えよう。


ドライブ感溢れるサイケデリック・ジャズ・ブレイクス「Timothy Leary Ride A Comet」はヒッピー文化における重要なインフルエンサーの一人、ティモシー・リアリーの声がカットアップされて散りばめられている曲である。

ブルガリアのアシッド・ジャズ・プロデューサー マーティン・デネヴが弾くファンキーに炸裂するエレクトニック・ピアノに重なり合うシンセサウンドと適度なアシッドサウンドが程よく融合し、聞くものを宇宙軌道へと誘って行くれるだろう。


SupercoziのMatsuri Digital Chillへの参加の初陣を切るこの作品を筆頭に今後放たれる彼女の作品に要注目して欲しい。