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  • ‘ Super Cozy ‘ Release & Denmark Tour / 2000 April

    Copenhagen ( Denmark ) based Electronica indie label Tender Production released Cozi’s first self-produced album CD ‘ Super Cozy ‘ in the end of 1999. Album contained 10 diverse tunes ranged from Bossa-Lounge to Goa-Trance influenced 4/4, spacy Drum’n Bass, Asian chill and cosmic pop. All tunes were produced in her tiny flat in Nishiazabu …

  • Australia Tour / 1999 Dec – 2000 Feb

    Cozi went to 2 month long DJ tour to Australia between 1999 Dec to 2000 Feb. It was the first visit to the country and she was touring with few DJ friends – Tsuyoshi Suzuki ( Matsuri Records / UK ), Nick Taylor ( Edge-core Release / Byron-Bay ) and Kent ( DJ Bam Bam …

  • Supercozi SF story ' A Diary of the geisha borg agent ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent #2 ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999

    Lately I have been exercising ‘ power spot hopping ‘ around the planet and the galaxy at speed of light. 1999 was an ultra hit-year as my energy meter went up to maximum level numerous times, in all sort of places. This is the special report from Burning man 1999. For more realistic reappearance, I …

  • A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent #1 ~ Astral healing

    I have two tiny spaceships and one spacy vespa in my garage…..You know how it is – Tokyo is such a busy town and sometimes I need to just float out from the chaotic gravity whirlpool and the low frequency infostream of this charming place. I’m also an agent of the Geisha-Borg. My job is …

  • Zavtone - Magazine for digital age, Rave and second summer of love

    Zavtone Magazine / A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent

    ” A Diary of Geisha-Borg Agent ” is a humorous science fiction story that Supercozi wrote for Zavtone magazine in 1999 & 2000. There were 2 episodes : A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent ~ Astral healing Geisha=borgZavtone 11th edition ‘ Human ‘ issue ( 1999 September ) A Diary of Geisha=borg Agent ~ Borg goes …

  • Burning Man 1999

    Cozi went to Burning Man in 1999 September as a member of ‘ Zavtone ‘ magazine camp with many friends from all over the world including Hideyo Blackmoon, Ariel Electron ( X-Dream ), Tsuyoshi Suzuki ( Matsuri-Records ), Jun ( Organix ). Camp was formed by 40 people or so, and there were 2 massive …

  • Equinox-1998

    90’s ‘ Summer of Love ‘ in Japan

    Counter Culture movement in 90’s Japan Supercozi started DJ career in Tokyo underground scene around the end of 1997 as DJ Cozi. In the beginning, She played only Techno with vinyls. Then a revolution occupied – She experienced her first outdoor rave party – Psychedelic Trance Festival ‘ Equinox ‘ in Gifu prefecture in 1998 …

  • Supercozi- A girl with a goggles - 1999 Tokyo

    Tokyo Nomad ~ 90’s Traveller’s scene

    ~ 90’s Madness ~ ‘ Tokyo Nomad ‘ is a title of a novel that Supercozi was writing in late 90’s, also a photo album that filled with photos she took by an antique Nikon Camera. All contents were inspired by foreign travelers who lived in Tokyo in mid-late 90’s, Japanese hipsters in the underground …