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Supercozi 3rd album
Genre : Electronica, Techno, Chill
Fruits From The Future
Supercozi 2nd album
Genre: Techno , Electronica
Luxury Addict
Supercozi 1st album
Genre : Electronica , Chillout
Zen Lemonade 2nd album
Genre : Electronica , Downtempo
Lemon Soul
Zen Lemonade 1st album
Genre : Psychedelic Trance, Chillout
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Chill Out compilations / EPs

Compiled by Supercozi
Genre: Down Tempo , Electronica
Chillpresso 2 - Dari Bali
V.A / Compilation
Genre : Chillout, Downtempo
Chillpresso 1 - Dari Bali
V.A / Compilation
Genre : Chillout, Downtempo
D.I.V.E ( Single )
Genre: Chill Out
BIASA - Deep Inside The Bamboo Forest
Gus Till & Supercozi
Genre : Chillout, Electronica
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Dance compilations / EPs

Notorious Biscuits
V.A / Compiled by Supercozi
Genre : Techno, Tech-House
Addiction Remixes ( EP )
Zen Lemonade
Genre : Psy-Trance, Prog-Trance
Addiction ( EP )
Zen Lemonade
Genre : Progressive Trance
Morphing Jack ( EP )
Zen Lemonade
Genre : Progressive Trance
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Supercozi is a Producer / Composer / Label-Owner / DJ / Author / Catalyzer embodying genre- crossing impressions , a spirit freely mixing and pushing the boundaries between east and west,while taking lengthy strides between the underground and the high-end . Born in Yokohama , Japan , her musical odyssey started in the mid 80's when she founded her own rock band as a vocalist /side guitarist with 3 other boys in Tokyo at age 19. They were strongly influenced by new wave and punk , and from their debut Tokyo gig, performed at all of the well known underground venues eventually playing large scale rock festivals. After their 1st. indie album, they signed with a major record label releasing 2 albums and continually touring . For nearly 7 years , gigging and rehearsing relentlessly she learnt the basic skills on not only guitar but also bass, drums, synthesizer , even accordion !! But the band didn't enjoy any big success . After all the endless rehearsals and tours , by the 90's she'd had enough and quit the band . Soon after she started teaching herself how to program and produce music with a computer. This was fun! Finally she had a spaceship with her in the captains seat . It was around 1993 and after releasing one solo album with an acid jazz/break beats/trip hop feel on another major record label , by 1997, her music started showing a stronger techno influence with a psychedelic twist. Also in the same period she started DJ-ing. Early 2000- she moved her base from Tokyo to the UK. In 2001, she began the Techno-Psy/ Progressive trance / Dub-downtempo unit "ZEN LEMONADE" with producer Gus Till . Their first album was released on UK's legendary producer Youth's label DRAGONFLY RECORDS in 2002 and received critical acclaim. Since then she 've been on many dance/chillout compilations as Zen Lemonade and also as a solo artist. She has played not only in clubs but also at many big festivals through out Europe ( Flying Rhino party / Germany, Sola luna 2000/Greece, Samothraki dance festival 2002/Greece, Kundalini /UK , etc ), Australia ( Rainbow Serpent 2000 &2006, Summer Dreaming , Milleniyum 2000,Earthcore festivals, etc), Japan (Solstice music festival 2001&2002, Nagisa festival, Anoyo the ground swell 2000 & The Rolling Thunder 2002 , etc), Mexico, USA, Thailand.. In 2002 september, after all this the non stop traveling , she had moved and set up a new base on the "Island of Gods", BALI . She totally fell in love with this amazing place's magnificent charm , the unique hindu culture of this magical island and all of it's music, arts and mystical natural depth. In ancient times, the japanese believed that 8 million gods lived in nature . And in Bali , she can feel these millions of spirits are everywhere even now and its a constant inspiration for her . In 2005, She founded her own record label "Hypo=Espresso Records" to release her kind of electronic music as well as the creations of her friends from all over the world. The label's first release was her solo album " "Luxury Addict " in August 2005, followed by the first release of the" Chillpresso " series, a stunning chill out compilation that received great feedback from all over the globe. Currently she is busy as a mother of 2 children, running the label, composing music and doing music -consultancy for high profile establishments and fashion labels and films. She's also highly active as a DJ & as a live act in clubs, high-end venues, festivals ... keep traveling around .... keep expressing ..... keep creating ....... you can listen her songs in here ... http://www.myspace.com/supercozizenlemonade label information .... http://www.hypoespresso.com


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