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From Japan to the UK to Bali

the sky is the limit when it comes to the sweeping musical force known as Super Cozi.

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Morphing Jack ( Single )
Zen Lemonade
Genre : Progressive Trance
Compiled by Supercozi
Genre: Down Tempo , Electronica
D.I.V.E ( Single )
Genre: Chill Out
Fruits From The Future
Supercozi new album
Genre: Techno , Electronica
Chillpresso 2 ~ Dari Bali
Compiled by Supercozi
Genre: Chill Out
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Express in free form, Live in freestyle

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Zen Lemonade new dance EP

Zen Lemonade new dance EP " Morphing Jack ' finally out now !!

15 Nov, 13

Zen Lemonade is a unit by UK Psy-Trance pioneer Gus Till and Supercozi. Their debut album 'Lemon Soul' was released from UK legend Dragonfly Records in 2002 and their unique mix of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance styles instantly gained them critical acclaim. Their second album, focusing mainly...

Supercozi - D.I.V.E feat. MC Reason

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Supercozi @ Pirates of Balibbean - The Valentine Attack Mix


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